Monday, June 6

Today was our first day of class for the trip. Since there were many people who are returning from the Africa trip last year, we split up into two groups- beginner and more advanced. I am proud to say that I was put into the more advanced group and I am less proud to say that I felt really cool. At the beginning we focused on our individual trips- Italy/Greece and New Zealand/Fiji. We found out more about our leaders and about specific endeavors, and I cannot believe that I am leaving for Europe in less than 3 days! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! In the more advanced group we worked on panning and shooting a brightly lit subject. I am re-becoming more comfortable with my camera and I am very glad. Learning and perfecting these new techniques will become very useful, and I am eager to learn more. Tonight I will officially start packing! THREE MORE DAYS!!!