Sunday, June 19

Waking up was not fun. My stomach still felt bad, not queasy thank goodness, but still upset. I literally had nothing left in my stomach and I could not eat breakfast. So I drank water. We loaded up our bags and things into a bus and started the last leg of our journey to Nafplio. David bought me some Gatorade and Carolyn bought me a bag full of pita bread. I ate about a quarter-sized piece of the bread and didn’t feel well so I stopped. I drank all of the Gatorade. Thankfully I managed to fall asleep on the bus and 2 and-a-half hours later we arrived in Nafplio! It’s beautiful! It is quiet, but not as quiet as Delphi, and it’s busy but not as busy as Athens by a long shot. It is the perfect city in my perspective.

We went to dinner just down the street and then went to see Whirling Dervishes! It was in a local gym about 3 blocks from our hotel, and we were able to catch the last 20 or so minutes of the performance. It was very interesting and I cannot fathom spinning for the amount of time that they were spinning. I think I would fall over and die. But props to them for mastering that art.

(We didn't have a good view- sorry for the poor quality)

(The better part of) Saturday, June 18

After lunch we saw a protest. There were hundreds of people with flags and signs chanting and yelling as they walked through the streets. It was a peaceful protest, there was no violence, but nonetheless it was really cool to see and watch. I was practically in the middle of a protest in Athens, Greece! What a cool claim.

After the protest we went to another museum, but this time it was actually interesting. There were old Greek outfits and costumes as well as tons and tons of ancient jewelry. It was fantastic.

We were also able to see the changing of the guards in front of the legislative building. The guards had to keep their serious facial expression the whole time and we were able to take pictures with them after they were done! Madeline accidently stood on the wrong side of one of them and he stomped his gun at her. It was funny.