Saturday, June 11

Today was amazing!
We are staying at this quaint little hostel called Hotel Esperanza (Hope)(also not really a hotel) and our street name is Via De Inferno. Which is very ironic and awesome. We are Hope in Hell. We started off the morning with a roll and jam. Oh and I had coffee. Oh and that's it. Yep, that was our breakfast- I started to think I might lose weight on this trip....until much later, but we'll get to that when it comes. First on our agenda we walked to the Piazza del Duomo, which is a plaza with a HUGE building, Del Duomo of course, as its main attraction. Carolyn and David gave us a scavenger hunt with many things to find pictures of and/or video. We headed out in groups of 4 to explore wherever we wanted in Florence (which in Italian is Firenze) and found ourselves in many neat places. One thing on the list was to video a random couple telling the story of how they met, and my group found a precious British couple who gladly told us their story (it wasn't very interesting). Then we got them to take a picture of our group jumping in the air and this is what we came out with:

Cute right?

After we finished our scavenger hunt, which by the way we found out later that Erin's group accidentally ran into the Jersey Shore's work place AND saw Pauly D (so stinkin jealous), we all headed out to eat lunch. I had their vegetable soup with bread Tuscan style (which means the bread is like in the soup so it actually is not a soup anymore) and it was deliciozo! Also, for desert we had Nutella on a waffle thing which was RIGHT up my alley considering I love Nutella. So I pretty much died and went to heaven. This is what it looked like before I devoured it:

With our full stomachs we continued to trek through the streets and ended up at a museum. The museum showcased Lorenzo Bartolini’s sculptures as well as the Statue of David by Michelangelo!!! The real one! It was amazing to see something that famous with my real eyes. He is huge.

After our fair share of naked men and women viewing in the museum we took about a 40 minute walk to a Giglio Cooking school in Florence, yes I said COOKING SCHOOL! We were able to learn how to cook genuine Italian food! It was fantastic! The menu consisted of:
First course- Ravioli ricotta e spinaci (Spinach and ricotta ravioli)
Main course- Pollo alla cacciatore (chicken cacciatore)
Side- Patate Arrosto (Roasted Potatoes)
Dessert- Tiramisu’
We dined like kings and queens.

Hit on update:
- a waiter at a restaurant on the outskirts of the Piazza del Duomo came up to me and Madeline and tried to get us to eat at the restaurant. He said he had a special dinner for us. We walked away.
- a 50 year old man raised his eyebrows at me and said things in Italian to me while looking me up and down as he walked by. EW.
- At the piazza these two boys walked past our group and kept staring at us. They then strategically walked past us again and said hi to me and smirked. THEN they stood about 10 feet away STARING at me for the longest time. Every time I looked over I would catch them looking and they kept motioning and trying to get me to go over to them but I wouldn’t. Then our group finally left.
- Leaving the piazza while walking with Massimo I received a ‘ciao bella’ from a man walking past us. Massimo felt like he needed to tell me it wasn’t for him.