Sunday, June 12

This morning we packed all of our stuff and put it in a taxi to take it all to our new hotel. Our original reservations got mixed up somehow so we had to change hotels. After our belongings left, we made our way to Del Duomo AGAIN. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all I ever wanted to see of the Del Duomo, so instead of taking pictures of the building again like everyone else, I sat down on the ground and practiced taking pictures of bicyclists using a panning technique.

When we came together again we skedaddled off to a world-famous gelato shop called Grom. Apparently it is imported to New York and because it is so expensive to import, it is the most expensive gelato per ounce in the United States. We were able to watch the workers make the gelato and we got to try some afterwards. It was delicious.

We then began a long walk to an uliveto, which is an olive grove, and ate the best olive oil on bread and different meats. It was delicious!