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Tuesday, June 7

PETER CAME INTO TOWN!!!!! Last year Peter was one of our leaders on the Tanzania trip and I haven't seen him since we left! He lives in Michigan and we had been talking about him coming down to Houston to visit but never thought it would be possible. Well...he's here! He is going to be one of the leaders on the New Zealand/ Fiji trip and he decided to pay us all a visit before heading off. I was so excited to see him! (He hasn't changed a bit). To spice things up a bit, today we headed to City Center to practice taking pictures outside. We split into groups and went over different strategies and aspects of taking pictures (which I already knew from last year), but it was a good reminder and I did become more familiar with specifics. After our groups we had lunch at Ruggles, which is ah-mazing, and then headed back to Spring Woods to upload pictures and spend time with photoshop and our blogs. Tonight the Pisters' are having a reunion party for Peter and he will tell us the updates about the documentary of bringing our friends from Magi ya Chai, Tanzania to the United States! I am looking forward to hearing how it is going to work out! The NZ/Fiji group is heading off tomorrow, and I still cannot fathom that they will be gone so soon! That means we leave in two days! TWO DAYS!!!!!!