Wednesday, June 15

Bon voyage Italia, yasu Greece.
(Yes, that is 4 different languages in the same sentence using only 5 words. I am proud.)

3 hours of sleep. Waking up at 4 am. 3 hour bus ride. 2 hour wait in the airport. 2 hour plane ride. GREECE HERE I COME!!!! I have been learning Greek words on the plane ride. So far this is what I know (excuse my spelling Christian):
Efkaristoh- thank you
Parakaloh- please
Ne- yes
Ohi- no
Then thelo- no thank you
Signome- excuse me
I have been practicing on the flight attendants and I have to say that I am picking it up pretty quickly! The food on the plane was delicious and if the plane food is this good I can’t wait for the real food when we get there.

3 hour bus ride to Delphi…..
We watched the Lizzie Mcguire Movie!!! (Don’t judge). The whole time we were in Rome we girls wanted to live out the Lizzie Mcguire Movie, and since that didn’t happen, we needed to watch it and continue to live vicariously through Hilary Duff’s imaginary foreign love affair. Whenever they used Italian in the movie I could understand them! Though basic, it was neat to be able to know what they were talking about.

THE VIEW FROM OUR HOTEL IS AMAZING!!! I cannot describe it. Therefore I will rely on pictures to take place of my words.

On our drive to Delphi along the side of the mountains, we could see a rainbow that descended into the valley in between peaks. Jaw dropping. I wish I had a chance to get a picture of it but I didn't. David did though, and maybe he will post it sometime.

Upon arrival we unpacked our belongings and went to eat at a restaurant down the road. I had lamb with vegetables. SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Erin ordered rooster and I tried some of that as well! It was delicious! Experiencing the food from different cultures is one of my favorite things, so be looking forward to more stories of interesting cuisine! This is the view from the restaurant:

Tuesday, June 14

The amount of stairs we climbed today would add up to around a THOUSAND. Yep, that’s a lot of stairs. And yep, I walked every one. Today we took a day trip to Cinque Terra, which is on the west coast of Italy. There are many little towns near each other and we hiked along the side of a mountain for about 3 kilometers from one of the beautiful towns to another. Even though it wasn't that long of a distance, we hiked up and down the most difficult trail that was available. The view was impeccable.

And SO worth the climb. I am proud to tell my soccer coaches that I was able to work out on this trip, and boy was that a work out. Best day so far. We hit up the beach after for a couple hours and soaked up the hot Italian sun. Oh yeah, and did I mention that most of the men wear speedos? Unfortunately I have gotten used to it.

Monday, June 13

It's officially been a week since I last saw the United States.

Back to Roma!
I finally stepped foot in the Colloseum! After learning about and studying it in Latin for the past 3 years, I finally got to see it in person and walk where the Romans walked.

I have seen the Roman Forum innumerable amounts of times in my Latin textbooks and online, and being able to walk in it and see the ruins and THE ARCH OF TITUS (which is my favorite thing that I have been looking forward to this whole trip) was ah-mazing. Lots of walking. But worth it.

We walked to the Capital building of Rome as well as the Trevi Fountain!!!! Let me paint another scenario for you:
A young innocent American girl (me again!) finds herself eye-to-eye with an ancient fountain of love. Hundreds scurry past her. Men, women, children, families, even a really REALLY cute Italian boy....beside the point. She walks down the steps to the edge of the water. Mist sprays across her face. It feels nice on that hot day in Rome. Clasping a one euro coin from her purse pocket, she takes her stance by the edge of the fountain and turns her back to it. A friend takes her place with her camera. On 'three' after making her wish, Rachel throws the coin over her RIGHT shoulder (very very wrong) and hears the click of the camera followed by the clinking of a coin. She missed. A couple stood by watched the whole event occur and quickly told her (in the best half-english, half-who knows what) that she needed to throw the coin from her right hand over her LEFT shoulder. She picked up her failed coin and had a second chance! This time she closed her eyes, made her wish yet again, and let go of the coin mid-air, only to hear a splash this time. It worked. And she hopes that her wish will come true.

Following that experience, we all walked to the Pantheon, which is the oldest standing church in the world (I believe). THEN we went to the Spanish Steps. Massimo told us that this is where young boys and girls hang out and meet each other. Sounds like my place. Madeline and I posted up on one of the bottom steps to scope out the boys. Let me tell you, this is the place where all the cute Italian boys come. And let me tell you, we got many many looks and stares. Mission accomplished. Massimo didn't hesitate to come over to us and talk to us. Our conversation went somewhat as follows:

"Stop trying to get the Italian boys!"
"But, Massimo, we're just sitting here! (giggles)"
"They are dirty pigs and you are just a number to them. You should try to be more than just a number. I am going to make you wear nun costumes tomorrow if you don't stop"
"But papa! (we are all his little girls) they are the ones looking at us!"
"No! Forbidden! Go sit with the others!"
Hahaha, Massimo was very protective over us, and though more was conversed, that was the gist of the banter. I will miss him very much.