Thursday, June 9

Our trip has officially begun. We made it passed security successfully without any issues, and we are in the terminal. Now we wait. There are only girls on this trip…I usually get along with guys better than I do with girls. I don’t know how long I can tolerate all of this estrogen. Wish me luck.

Things I’ve learned so far:
-props to Air France for having amazing food
-airplane bathroom sink water…..just don’t.
-cute foreign boys don’t always have cute personalities
-Most (actually all) French guys look gay. Sorry, but it’s true. (Hahahaha our flight attendant is actually gay. Thanks Pierre.)
-If you’re the one with the sleeping pills, get ready to have a lot of new best friends
-do not use airplane complementary blankets/pillows UNLESS they are wrapped in plastic. Especially stay away from your pillow if it has gross brown stains on it. I’m not even going to go there.
-On the tv in front of you, please press on music and go to “French Favorites”. You will laugh. Guaranteed.
-LITTLE BABIES DO NOT BELONG ON AIRPLANES!!!! We have two little boogers within a 20 feet radius and that is precisely why I am blogging right now and NOT sleeping.
-On long trips you always need boys for 2 reasons- to carry your stuff and to have a shoulder to sleep on (told you you should’ve come Ryley)
-People smell
-When a flight attendant repeats “go back to your seats and sit down” about 5 times while staring right at you, assume he is talking to you and obey. Without a smirk on your face.
-The Adjustment Bureau= watch it.
- I cannot sleep in any position on a plane- knees up, legs up, face up, backwards forwards or sideways
-I don’t like when people touch me
-I have a low tolerance for incompetent people
-airplane coffee is just as good as my dad’s. Sorry daddy.

Random thoughts: Does North Korea have an airport? And do babies have to buy a ticket to fly?

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  1. You sure are learning a lot! I should have given you a French lesson before your left.