Tuesday, June 21

Off to the island of Hydra!!!! We woke up early, took a 2 hour bus ride to a dock, and boarded a boat that took us to Hydra! They do not allow cars onto to island so their mode of travel is donkey!

The donkey owners do not treat them very well and they rip you off on the cost of donkey rides, so we were not able to ride any. But I wasn’t too bummed because I already have ridden a donkey in Tanzania. We had a couple of hours to shop and take pictures of portraits of people before we went to lunch. I’m pretty sure whenever we are able to split off into groups to explore or eat or do whatever we want, I am 99% of the time with Erin. Let’s just say we’re besties now (plus we take ADORABLE pictures together [they’re all on other people’s cameras so hopefully they will upload some so you can see!])
I do have one...

After lunch we went to a "cliff" and went "cliff jumping"! It wasn't a huge cliff but it was alright and we jumped off rocks that were about high dive-height. It was so fun! The water is soooooooo salty over there. Almost unbearable. I had a slight runny nose pre-jump, and when I got out my sinuses were cleared. Two-in-one's are always fun.

The Greek boys love us. Especially in bathing suits. (We can't help it.)

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