Monday, June 20

This morning I had 2 bites of toast and strawberry jam, half of a bowl of cereal, and 2 cups of coffee. I usually eat three times that much. My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, but I can’t eat as much as normal and I can’t eat any meat here- I’m scarred from Saturday. We climbed up 999 stairs to an old monastery/castle around 10 o’clock. It was difficult but nothing like the Cinque Terra hike. THE VIEW WAS MAGNIFICENT! Everyone said the view was worth the hike, and let me tell you it really is. It was so bright outside that I couldn’t get a quality picture- but this was the best I could do:

After lunch we finally went to the beach!!!!!! The public beach is about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, and it was amazing! The only weird part was that the beach had no sand….it was just rocks about the size of apricots/kiwi and other sorts of shapes and sizes. But it was still fun! I got some sun, finally. OH and we managed to turn many more heads walking up and down the beach! (No, we did not walk up and down right in front of a group of cute guys on purpose....) There were two guys tanning on the beach close to us (yes, men here in Europe tan- you won't see that very often in the states) and one of them was the spitting image of Cristiano Ronaldo!!! And he kept staring at us! I'll just say that Cristiano Ronaldo liked us. Sounds good to me. The men here, as you probably have gathered by my stories, are not ashamed to stare. It took me awhile took get used to it but now that I am, and once I get back to the states, I think I will be offended when I don't see guys staring at me anymore.

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