Thursday, June 16

This morning we were able to sleep in a little bit, which means 9, and our breakfast was amazing! I had Greek yogurt with honey, and I've never had anything SOOO good! Definitely my favorite breakfast here so far. Their coffee is really good too (Dad, we need to look into getting a European coffee maker).

Things I have learned from walking around Delphi:
-there are kittens and cats EVERYWHERE! They literally litter the streets (excuse my poor pun)(and awful alliteration).
-I have recently declared that flies are the most annoying bug. You cannot escape them here
-Greek food is AWESOME! So far what I have eaten includes moussaka, dolmades, gyros and gemista- my favorite being gyros
-Greek guys in general aren't as attractive as Italian guys (sorry!) But here is another scenario:
The same innocent American girl that has been aforementioned several times, this time accompanied by a couple of other girls, was walking casually down the winding road in the mountanous city of Delphi. With full stomachs and newly purchased jewelry and gifts for friends and family (try to contain your excitement) they made their way back in the direction of the quaint hotel. Much to their surprise, a young man (very attractive) standing casually in a doorway (posing OBVIOUSLY for the American girls) gave the girls a charming smile and a flirty "hello". Giggles. After that flattering encounter as the girls continued their stroll down the street, a car stuffed with about 8 roughly 20 year olds (in a truck that would usually fit about 4 by the way) hooted and hollered as they passed and then overtly attempted (emphasis on the word attempted) to peel out in their old truck. Definitely was not impressive in any way. Despite their failed maneuver, the girls were flattered once again, and once again reminded that they turn heads and stop traffic.

Just down the road there is the Museum of Delphi. We took a tour of its museum about Delphi’s history and learned SO much about the ancient world and about what the Greeks contributed. Inscripted in one of the temples were two things to live by- Know thyself and Nothing in excess. There were statues everywhere and we then toured the ruins just outside.

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