Wednesday, June 15

Bon voyage Italia, yasu Greece.
(Yes, that is 4 different languages in the same sentence using only 5 words. I am proud.)

3 hours of sleep. Waking up at 4 am. 3 hour bus ride. 2 hour wait in the airport. 2 hour plane ride. GREECE HERE I COME!!!! I have been learning Greek words on the plane ride. So far this is what I know (excuse my spelling Christian):
Efkaristoh- thank you
Parakaloh- please
Ne- yes
Ohi- no
Then thelo- no thank you
Signome- excuse me
I have been practicing on the flight attendants and I have to say that I am picking it up pretty quickly! The food on the plane was delicious and if the plane food is this good I can’t wait for the real food when we get there.

3 hour bus ride to Delphi…..
We watched the Lizzie Mcguire Movie!!! (Don’t judge). The whole time we were in Rome we girls wanted to live out the Lizzie Mcguire Movie, and since that didn’t happen, we needed to watch it and continue to live vicariously through Hilary Duff’s imaginary foreign love affair. Whenever they used Italian in the movie I could understand them! Though basic, it was neat to be able to know what they were talking about.

THE VIEW FROM OUR HOTEL IS AMAZING!!! I cannot describe it. Therefore I will rely on pictures to take place of my words.

On our drive to Delphi along the side of the mountains, we could see a rainbow that descended into the valley in between peaks. Jaw dropping. I wish I had a chance to get a picture of it but I didn't. David did though, and maybe he will post it sometime.

Upon arrival we unpacked our belongings and went to eat at a restaurant down the road. I had lamb with vegetables. SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Erin ordered rooster and I tried some of that as well! It was delicious! Experiencing the food from different cultures is one of my favorite things, so be looking forward to more stories of interesting cuisine! This is the view from the restaurant:

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