Tuesday, June 14

The amount of stairs we climbed today would add up to around a THOUSAND. Yep, that’s a lot of stairs. And yep, I walked every one. Today we took a day trip to Cinque Terra, which is on the west coast of Italy. There are many little towns near each other and we hiked along the side of a mountain for about 3 kilometers from one of the beautiful towns to another. Even though it wasn't that long of a distance, we hiked up and down the most difficult trail that was available. The view was impeccable.

And SO worth the climb. I am proud to tell my soccer coaches that I was able to work out on this trip, and boy was that a work out. Best day so far. We hit up the beach after for a couple hours and soaked up the hot Italian sun. Oh yeah, and did I mention that most of the men wear speedos? Unfortunately I have gotten used to it.

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  1. Dada Rach!! What's up sista?? How's Italy and Greece?!? New Zealand is FREAKING AWESOME. I don't want to come home!!